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Read the students own stories! What's it like to study abroad?

Student reports from exchange studies

When all students comes back home, they write a student report. Read some of them here below.

Barcelona View

Travel Report from Barcelona

"Studying together with the Spanish students who are very friendly, serious, hard-working and competent persons, made my academic experience much easier"

I wanted to meet a new country, new culture and improve my German language skills

"I had access to all students’ facilities and it works perfectly. I used computers and printers at the campus a lot and it works without problems. All materials needed for the lectures are placed on moodle based platform, which is updated on time."

Tim's Student Report from Paris

"If you want the real ERASMUS experience and meet other international people, try to get a room in such a student accommodation somehow..."

Andrei studied one semester in Finland

"I have mostly made new contacts and improved my academic skills. I really enjoyed the courses relating to startups, since the startup scene in Aalto is extraordinary interesting and well-organised."

International coordinator

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Phone number: +46(0)8 16 16 88

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