To access the Nod building you need an access card. Information how to get an access card here

Floor 2 is open for students 7.00 – 24.00

All entrances of the house are open 7.30 – 17.30. During open hours you can access the Student Floor (floor 2) from elevator E, A, C and D. (see map)

Note that after 17.30 Shared Space, on the entrance floor, is closed. Please be aware of the closing time and leave the Shared Space before 17.30.

Access after 17.30

You can access the student floor (floor 2) via elevator C and D. Use the Axlås card reader.

Street address:

Elevator C – Borgarfjordsgatan 6 C

Elevator D – Kista Gårdsväg 1

Orientation maps of the premises

Student Floor, 2
Student Floor, 2 (1895 Kb)

Entrance hall and Floor 1 (Balcony, Student Centre)
Entrance hall and Floor 1 (Balcony, Student Centre) (1103 Kb)