You need to follow the instructions in your acceptance notification which you have received from If you have any questions regarding your admission, please contact the Admission Office at Stockholm University.  

Activate your University Account

  • For you to be able to study at Stockholm University you need a University Account. Students with Swedish civic registration number can use this link and follow the instructions
  • If you are a student that does not have a Swedish civic registration number you will receive information regarding how to obtain your university account from SU helpdesk before programme commencement.
  • If you have any problems with your University Account, please contact

More information regarding University Account and University Card
More information regarding Helpdesk at Stockholm University

Enrolment, August 10th

Please note, that if you have not enrolled on September 4th, 2017, your admission will be withdrawn.

Conditional acceptance

  • If you have a condition attached to your admission, you will be asked to show proof that the condition has been fulfilled prior to enrolment.
  • Please send an e-mail to and attach the original version of your bachelor degree as well as a complete transcript of your courses. If the documents are in a language we are not likely to understand, you must also include a translation of each document.
  • Have you recently completed all your courses but not yet obtained your bachelor degree? Then you should attach an official document stating that the credits in your transcript meet the requirements of a bachelor degree and that you will be awarded it later.

Courses during your first semester

You have four mandatory courses:

  • Decision Support Methods (BSM), 7,5 credits
  • Risk Management (RIMA), 7,5 credits
  • Decision Theory (BETE), 7,5 credits
  • Scientific Communication and Methodology (FMVEK), 7,5 credits

To read more about the courses, please follow this link: (select HT2017)

50% study pace

If you wish to study part-time (50% study pace) you enrol for 15 credits in Daisy each semester instead of 30 credits. In that case you have two mandatory course during the first semester:

  • Decision Support Methods (BSM), 7,5 credits
  • Decision Theory (BETE), 7,5 credits

If you experience problems with your enrolment, please contact the Student Affairs Office at

The learning platform

  • You need to be admitted and enrolled to the master programme in order to have access to the learning platform. You will be removed from the learning platform if you are not enrolled by September 4th,
  • You can access the course platform iLearn on
  • You are able to log in at the start of the semester, which is Monday August 28th 2017. Before this date you will not be able to log in to the first course.

All important information regarding your studies will be published in your programme forum in iLearn or under student news (right column on the Dashboard). Please make sure to subscribe for these forums.
In case you need technical assistance, contact

For more information regarding your programme

Residence permit, tuition fees etc
Student counsellor