You need to follow the instructions in your acceptance letter which you have received from If you have any questions regarding your admission, please contact the Admission Office at Stockholm University

Welcome to DSV! In order not to lose your place you have to follow 3 steps!



Activate your University Account

  • For you to be able to study at Stockholm University you need a University Account. Students with Swedish civic registration number can use this link and follow the instructions
  • If you are a student that does not have a Swedish civic registration number you must go to helpdesk at the main campus (Frescati) to collect a one-time code for identification. Please bring your passport or other identification.
  • If you have any problems with your University Account, please contact

More information regarding university account and university card

More information regarding Helpdesk at Stockholm University

Enrolment, August 10th

  • You enrol online using you University Account. The registration will open on 10th of August and will stay open until September 4th.
  • You enrol here:
  • Please note, that if you have not enrolled on September 4th, 2017, your admission will be withdrawn.

Conditional acceptance

  • If you have a condition attached to your admission, you will be asked to show proof that the condition has been fulfilled no later than Enrolment Day.
  • Please bring the original of your bachelor degree as well as a complete transcript of your courses. If the documents are in a language we are not likely to understand, you must also bring a translation of each document.
  • Have you recently completed all your courses but not yet obtained your bachelor degree? You should bring an official document stating that the credits in your transcript meet the requirements of a bachelor degree and that you will be awarded it later.

Access Card

To use the department’s computer and facilities, you must have an access card.
​To get an access card you need to follow the steps described here.

Courses during your first semester

During the first half of the semester the courses you take depend on your background:

Computer and Systems Sciences background (at least 60 ECTS in computer and systems sicences):

You select two out of the following four courses:

  • Data Mining in Computer and Systems Sciences (DAMI)
  • Enterprise Computing and ERP Systems (IS1)
  • Advanced Requirement Engineering (REQ)
  • Digital Forensics (DIFO) (Highly recommended)

Other background (less than 60 ECTS in computer and systems sciences):

  • Supplementary Course in Computer and Systems Sciences (SupCom) – This is an online course but you are expected to arrive to Stockholm already on August 23rd to attend orientation and other group activities at the beginning of the semester.

During the second half of the semester you have two compulsory courses:

  • Scientific Writing and Research Methodology (FMVEK)
  • Introduction to Information Security (INTROSEC)

To read more about the courses, please follow this link (select HT2017)

Stockholm University Orientation Day – 25th of August

We strongly recommend that you attend the general Orientation Day for new Master Students at the main Campus (Campus Frescati) on 25th of August, at 17:00-20:45.
More information about the Orientation day at Campus Frescati

Don’t miss the Department’s Student Information Session at Campus Kista – 24th of August at 13-16 PM in Aula Nod

  • The Programme director will inform you about the programme details.
  • Information about elective courses will be provided.
  • The student counsellor will give you some practical information.
  • Guided tour around campus and a we invite you to to coffee and sandwiches.

More information about the Campus Kista Information Session


For more information regarding your programme and schedules

Classes will begin Monday 28th of August.
Contact Student counsellor 

How to get to Campus Kista? How to find us? Find us in Kista

DSV is located in The Nod building, at Borgarfjordsgatan 12 in Kista.
Information on how to find us here.