Before you can begin your studies for the upcoming semester, there are some practical things you need to do first. Please note, that if you have not enrolled, your admission will be withdrawn.

Enrolment for autumn semester 2018: August 20 - September 10

If you are continuing a programme jump down to Already a student

New student (starting a new programme or a new course)

Follow these steps to enrol

  1. To enrol you need to obtain a University Account. Use the one-time code you got on August 10th via email.
    Note! The code is only valid one week from when you recieved the email!
    Note! When you get "Congratulations" at your University Account: Do not continue to web registration! Go back to this list and continue with point 2.
  2. Now you are ready to enrol at DSV here (Daisy)
  3. To get into the DSV's premises, you need an Access card. Note that this will take a few days! Start the process immediately when you enroled in Daisy.


 Already a student (continuing a programme)

If you have questions regarding your enrolment, please contact the Student Affairs Office