Study leave

If a student needs to interrupt their studies for one or more semesters, the student can apply at the Student Counsellor Office. The student has to fill in the application form below and state the reason for the leave and what semesters the study break concerns.

The student needs valid reasons to get the study leave granted, such as illness, parental leave or military service. The reason must also be certified with a valid certificate.

Application of study leave from DSV (435 Kb)


Withdrawal from studies

Withdrawal from studies means that a student wishes to terminate their studies and does not intend to resume them.
Notification of withdrawal is provided to the Student Affairs Office. The student is required to fill in the notification form below.

A withdrawal can only be done during on-going studies and should be notified within 15 working days from the date of withdrawal stated in the notification form. If no date of withdrawal is specified, the date when the notification form is received by the Students Affairs office is counted as the date of withdrawal.

Withdrawal means that students lose their place on the program. The student will also be deleted from the current participant lists, address lists, etc. from the date of Withdrawal. An entry of withdrawal is also added into the student register (Ladok).
Credits that the student has acquired during his/hers studies at the program are not affected.

There is no possibility, after a withdrawal, to complete any remaining credits or courses on the terminated programme.
Notification of withdrawal is a definite statement to finish your education.

Notification of withdrawal from programme at DSV (435 Kb)