Study leave

If you need to interrupt your studies for a period of time, you can apply for study leave at the Student Counsellor’s Office. Fill in the application form below and state the reason for your leave and the dates the study leave concerns. Please check the rules for resident permit and accommodation.

Apply for study leave here

Contact the Master student counsellors if you have questions about study leave

Withdrawal from studies

Withdrawal from studies means that you wish to end your studies and that you don’t intend to continue at a later date. You will be deleted from participant lists, address lists, etc. An entry of withdrawal will be added to the student register (Ladok). The credits that you have acquired during your studies will not be affected. In some cases, it can however be possible to return and finish a course. 

You can only withdraw during on-going studies. Submit your withdrawal no later than 15 working days after the date you have ended your studies.  

Use this form for withdrawal from a programme

If you have questions regarding withdrawal, please contact the Student Affairs Office.