Here below you can read about how to proceed in order to get support and adaptations during your studies with us.

Certificates of recommended support measures

Meet with the Coordinator for students with disabilities within Student Services and a talk about your needs of educational support. You must have a certificate of permanent disabilities from, for example, a doctor, a psychologist or a dyslexia assessment. Bring the certificate to the meeting with the coordinator. The Coordinator then writes a certificate of recommended support measures that you show to your contact at the institution.

Apply for support

You can apply for educational support at Stockholm University by making a digital application in a system called "NAIS". More information about how you apply, and the link for the  "NAIS"-system, you will find at the central website for Stockholm university. 

Apply for educational support well before the start of the course.

Contact at DSV

When you received your certificate from the Coordinator, you communicate with the contact person at the Department to schedule an appointment. Please bring the certificate with the recommended support measures to the meeting. At the meeting, you will together discuss the support measures and how it works during your studies at DSV.
Send an email to  to get in touch with the contact person at DSV.

At the beginning of a course

When you begin a new course, please introduce yourself to the teacher and talk about what your needs are. The teacher might like to see the certificate you received from the coordinator and take this into account when planning the teaching and examination.

Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it. If something does not work, you are welcome to contact the contact person at the DSV

More information about studying with disabilities at Stockholm University