To find specific information and schedule of a course, please visit Courses and timetables. If too few students choose a course, there is a possibility that the course will be cancelled.

A full-time workload is 30 credits per semester and 60 credits per a normal 40-week academic year. The system is compatible with ECTS credits. Each course in the list consist of 7,5 hp. Courses at the Department are mostly offered at part-time which means that you study two courses parallell each main period (Period 1 and Period 2).

Exchange students have to prove that they meet the courses requirements.

Please note that, due to the pandemic, during spring 2021 all courses offered for exchange students will be taught online as distance learning.  

Course period from 17/1 to 22/3 (period 1)

Course period from 23/3 to 5/6 (period 2)

First cycle courses

The two courses GCS I and GCS II are courses on first cycle level. All other courses are courses on second cycle level.