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If you have any thoughts or questions about the examination form, please contact the course coordinator.

Participate in an exam

Most courses end with a written exam. To participate in the exam, the student must:

  1. Be enrolled for the course.
  2. Register for the exam in Daisy. Registration (or cancellation, if needed) made no later than registration deadline, usually a week before the day of the exam. 
  3. Bring valid ID.

No unannounced placements during autumn 2020

Due to the situation with COVID-19, the Department has to plan in advance the exact placement of students at all written exams on campus. This means that we are not able to offer any places to unannounced students. Be sure to register for the exam in Daisy (see point 2. above) to be able to write your exam.

Unregister from an exam

If you are registered for the exam, and it turns out that you cannot write, it’s very helpful to the Exam Administration if you unregister in Daisy. If the exam registration is closed, and you are not able to unregister, your registration will automatically be deleted after the exam is over.


Halls and classrooms for the exam are visible in your personal view in Daisy and announced no later than one day prior to the exam date. Most often classrooms in Nod are used but also halls in Frescati.

Addresses of examination rooms outside of DSV Nod Building:

  • Laduvikssalen, 6th floor, above the library Stockholm University Frescati
  • Värtasalen, 6th floor, above the library Stockholm University Frescati
  • Brunnsvik Hall, Building A level 5, Stockholm University Frescati
  • Ugglevikssalen, Building E 5th floor, Stockholm University Frescati

Rules for examinees

The examinee is obliged to follow the rules below. The invigilator will decide if there are grounds to dismiss an examinee due to disruptive behaviour.

  • Follow the placement list - examinees may not choose their own place in the exam room.
  • 45-minute rule - no one may leave the examination room during the first 45 minutes after the start of the examination. No drop-in later than 45 minutes after the start of the examination. If the exam is written in several halls, it is important that you go to the room you are placed in. The invigilator will help and refer you to the correct room.
  • It is not permitted to leave the room until the invigilator has received the student's signature on the attendance list.
  • ID card must be presented to the invigilator on request.
  • Only permitted aids may be used during the exam. Allowed aids will be announced during lectures before the exam. Students who cheat are suspended from studies.
  • It is prohibited for examinees to talk during the examination.
  • Other paper than the ones the invigilator provides, may not be used.
  • The examinee is obliged to follow the invigilator's instructions.
  • Outerwear and bags are placed at designated locations.
  • All electronic equipment, including mobile phones, is forbidden to keep during the exam and shall be turned off and placed in a bag or outerwear.
  • On the cover page, you shall indicate which questions you solved and how many pages you submit. This is controlled by the invigilator and applies whether you are registered for the exam or not.
  • The information in the header of all submitted sheets must be completed within the allocated time.
  • Remember to enter the correct course code on your exam.

Correction and return of exam

The exam is reviewed within 15 office-days after the day of the examination. The result is presented in Daisy. Corrected exams are scanned and sent as a PDF-file to your Daisy-view as well as to the examiner. This file will only be accessible to you, your teachers on the course and some administrators. You will get an announcement of the result via email. The email will be your electronic basis to review the correction.

If you have an opinion on the correction, it shall be presented via e-mail the way that the teacher instructed. The Student Affairs Office does not copy original exams. If you wish to get your original exam back after the examiners revival is done (10 days), send e-mail to the address: Enter: name, name of the course, the course code and exam date. The processing time is approximately two business days.

Anonymous correction

Stockholm University practices anonymous exams. This means that the correcting teacher does not know who wrote the exam. The exams are identified with an anonymous code. Students write a code on the exam instead of name and social security number.

Evaluation System

Grading is done according to a seven-point scale A-F.

Complaints/review of the exam

Students have the opportunity to review and ask questions to the examiner regarding the correction of the exam. There is no time limit, but it should be done fairly soon after getting the exam back so that the examiner is still assessing the answers in recent memory.


The Department takes seriously on cheating, which always leads to disciplinary measures, including suspension from studies for some time. For example are any use of prohibited material and unauthorised collaboration counted as cheating, among other things.

Overall exam rules

Code of Honour and Regulations

If you have questions concerning exams, please contact the Exam Administration: