Finding accommodation in Stockholm may be difficult and requires some hunting, especially during the start of the semester. It is not unusual that immigrated students rent rooms, second-hand apartments or share accommodations with friends to begin with. It might not be possible to live where you want right away, it is therefore good to be well prepared and hunt for accommodation in time before moving to Stockholm.

Student Accommodation in Kista

There are student apartments in the Kista mall building only 100 meters from the DSV forum premises.

Kista student accommodations


SSSB is the largest Student House Office in Stockholm: You have to be a member in the Student Union to be able to rent accommodations through SSSB.

SSSB, The students' own housing company

Accommodation services

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Finding housing on your own

Accomodation for students at Karolinska Institutet (Master's Programme in Health Informatics)