Below you will find answers to the most common questions regarding application

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Application process

Where do I apply?
Apply online at

The Central University Admission web site contains all the information you need to be able to apply: key dates, documents you need to upload etc.
Please contact the staff at with issues regarding the admission process.

What is the application process?
Here you will find a guide for the application process.

Where do I find special instructions for my country of study?
If you have completed studies in another country than Sweden, you can find information regarding acceptable qualifications, English requirements and specific application instructions by clicking on your country's link in the list on this page

When is the application deadline?
DSV’s Master’s Programmes start once a year, in September.
Next opportunity to apply is for programme start in the autumn of 2021. The application round is open from mid-October to mid-January. You will find exact dates on closer to the admission round.

Tuition and application fees

Do I have to pay tuition and application fees?
Students with citizenship in countries outside the EU/EEA, or Switzerland, are required to pay application and tuition fees for university studies in Sweden.
More information regarding study fees

What is the situation for UK applicants regarding Brexit?
It is currently unclear when the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union and what type of agreement, if any, will be reached.
Information for British citizens regarding Brexit

How much does it cost?
The application fee is 900 SEK (Swedish kronor) for each registration (regardless of the number of search options)

The tuition fee for Master’s Programmes (except Master's programme in Health informatics*) at DSV is 135 000 SEK (Swedish kronor) each academic year.

*Joint Master's Programme in Health informatics is 165 000 SEK (Swedish kronor) each academic year.

Can I pay in instalments?
You pay for one semester at the time in advance. The first instalment of the tuition fee must be paid in order for the Swedish Migration Agency to start processing your application for a resident permit for studies.


Can I get a scholarship?
Information regarding scholarships at Stockholm University
Information regarding scholarships at

Application process - conditional admission

I will finish my Bachelor after the application deadline. Can I apply without my diploma?
Yes, you can apply without your diploma. And if/when admitted you will be admitted with “condition”. This means that you have to show your diploma at the Department when the semester starts to be able to begin your studies here.

Information on how to apply when you are on your final year of bachelor's studies


I have a Bachelor in XX from XX University. Does my previous studies suffice as the required credits for the specific entry requirements ?
Unfortunately the Department is not able to give advance notice regarding special requirements. All applicants must apply via the central admissions web platform (University Admissions) and upload documents for the admission board to review.

What counts as “independent degree project or thesis”?
An independently written academic essay project or thesis project, which shows that you are able to write a longer academic text with reference to research etc.

I have credits in statistics, will that qualify me for the entry requirements in programming or mathematics?
Not “standard” statistics, but the admission board will consider mathematic statistics.

Will relevant work experience qualify me for the entry requirements?
If you do not fulfill the entry requirements through formal qualifications, you can apply to get your eligibility evaluated based on knowledge acquired in other ways.
Information on validation of prior learning


Language requirements

How can I meet the English language requirement?
All courses and programmes at Stockholm University require proof of proficiency in English equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary school course English 6. 
You can demonstrate that you meet the English language requirement through:

I will receive the result of my English-test after the deadline for application. Is that too late?
Deadline for receipt of supporting academic documents is 1 February 2021.

Can I send my English test result after the deadline for submitting supporting documents?
Unfortunately no late documents or test results are accepted. All courses and programmes at Stockholm University require proof of proficiency in English and the admissions regulations at Stockholm University do not admit acceptance of applicants who do not fulfil the English requirement.

I have studied at XX University. Am I required to take the English-test?
Please consult The Admissions Office of Stockholm University's FAQ if you have questions regarding language requirements.



How is the selection done?
The selection of students is based on grades of academic courses.

Where shall I send my CV, letter of recommendation and motivation letter?
The selection of students is based solely on grades of academic courses. This means that you don’t submit recommendation letters, CV or motivation letter when applying to Master's Programmes at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, DSV.

Late application

I missed the first admission round, can I apply for masters programmes at DSV in the second admission round from mid-March to mid-April?
No, it is only possible to apply for masters programmes at DSV in the first admission round from mid-October to mid-January.

The admission is closed. Can I make a late application?
If the admission is closed, you are not able to apply. Occasionally some programmes are open for late application. In that case it is indicated at

Reserve list

I have a reserve list number, is it possible for me to get a place?
The Department practices excess admission, which means that normally we do not call for reserves. If places are available, the Department will contact the student in numerical order according to the reserve list.

Distance studies (online)

How does online studies work?
The programme is taught online. All courses will be available through our learning platform, giving students the freedom of being location independent. Distance programmes has no compulsory campus meetings or lectures in Stockholm.

Is it possible to manage professional work and at the same time study full time on your distance programmes?
Full-time studies demand a 40-hour study-week (50%: 20-hour study week)

The programmes are somewhat flexible but you need to follow the programme outline. When the course is scheduled, you will get feedback, help and results on your assignment and group work from the teachers. If you decide to not take or complete one course, you have to wait until the next time the course is scheduled to take or finish it. Some courses are given only once a year.