• During the period prior to April 6

Status at University Admissions can change to QUALIFIED and the group state Guaranteed place (PG)
During the period prior to April 6, some applicants’ status will change to QUALIFIED and the group states Guaranteed place (PG). This means that you now already know that you have a place at that programme. Important! If, later in the admission process (prior to April 6), you will be admitted to a programme that you have ranked higher in your application, you will be admitted to the higher ranked programme instead and be removed from the first programme. You are only allowed to be admitted to one programme at DSV at a time. You will receive your final admission result on April 6.

  • April 6: notification of selection results.

The Department practices excess admission, which means that normally we do not call for reserves. If places are available, the Department will contact the student in numerical order according to the reserve list.

If you are admitted

You don’t have to reply to accept or decline your place! If you are admitted, wait for the first email from the Student Counsellors.