You find information about your current class in your schedule in Daisy.

All schedules are also available on this page. Courses and timetables

Info screens with the current schedule are posted outside each room.

When there are lectures with large groups of students, the rooms can be linked. When this is the case, it appears in the schedule that the lecture has more than one room listed. The lecturer is in one of the rooms and the other rooms on the list are connected through link. Students may go to any room.

Eating and drinking in the rooms is not allowed.

Arrive on time
Respect students and lecturers, and arrive before scheduled start time. If you are late, enter as quietly as possible through the rear entrance.

Do you have ideas for improvements of the booking system e.g., please contact the student union DISK or Director of Studies,

All different types of premises are listed below:

Please note: If a teaching room is not bookable, it is “first come, first served” that applies.

Orientation map of Student floor 2

Lecture halls

Aula NOD
Lilla Hörsalen


L70, L50, L30 and DL40.
The classrooms are named according to how many students the room has capacity for.
L70 - can be paired with the lecture halls through link.
DL40 - is equipped with 20 computers and used for special lectures.

Seminar rooms

Rooms for seminars in small groups.

When a seminar room is not booked for teaching (shown in the information display outside each room) it may be used by students for group work. Students may not book Seminar rooms.

Study hall

The study hall is for studies with the student’s own computers, group work, etc. The students can rearrange the room furniture if they need to. Students can not book the study hall.

Group rooms with IT support

G5:1 - G5:21 - group rooms for groups of maximum five people
G10:1 - G10:8 - group rooms for groups of maximum ten people

These rooms are equipped with a desktop computer, big screen, white board, tables and chairs. You can connect your computer to the monitor.
These rooms are primarily for group work.

Notice study room rules!

Book group rooms through Daisy.
G5:18-21 and G10:8 are not bookable.

Computer rooms

D1 - D4

These rooms are equipped with 15 computers in each room. Computer rooms are for individual work or work in groups of two people. You can not book the Computer rooms.

Student labs

There are four student labs on the 2nd floor. These labs are specially equipped. Access to these labs depends on the program and courses you attend. Information is provided to the students concerned. The labs are ID-lab, Media-lab, SÄK-lab and Game-Lab

Study areas

Sofas, tables, chairs, etc. are located at the student floor in the appropriate spaces. These study areas are meant for personal study and group work. Can not be booked.

Map over the premises and information about access etc