Tuition fees

For citizens of a country within the EU/EEA or Switzerland, the application and tuition is free of charge. Tuition fees in higher education in Sweden are fully subsidized by the government.

Non EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens will have to pay a tuition fee and an application fee. The tuition fee for DSV's Master's Programmes are 135,000 SEK per year and the application fee is 900 SEK.
(Note! Master's programme in Health informatics 165,000 SEK per year. More info at

Living costs

Apart from tuition fees, living costs are a major expense. In Stockholm this amounts to approximately 8,000 SEK per month, which is also a prerequisite for acquiring a residence permit.

For more information about tuition fees visit University Admission

Literature and textbooks

The required reading is often extensive and students usually have to buy their own books as library copies are limited. Teachers also prepare and hand out their own compendia. The cost is approximately 4,000 SEK per year.