Mats Wiklund and The Nod Building in Kista
Mats Wiklund Photo: Niklas Björling och Eva Dahlin

I do research on how to use computer games in the context of learning. Games are very good simulators, and properly used, they can be effective training tools. But if I only did research without any student contact I would probably go crazy. The job as a lecturer suits me well. I think it is valuable for students to be heard. Their views are important. Sometimes we work with what is called "flipped classroom" where students read texts before the lecture and then the time together is used for discussion.

Humans in focus

Unlike what many think, this education is not very mathematical. We always take humans in count in everything we do. That is our niche. We also work closely with other departments in, for example marketing, and we work with project management. There are many specializations on our Bachelor’s programmes. You can learn everything from classic programming, via game design, to system development.

The students are attractive for the job market

The job situation is very good and will probably continue to be so. Many students start working in IT consulting companies, as programmers or with 3D graphics. Some have interesting full-time jobs already during their studies, but my advice is to finish the education first. Taking your degree shows that you can handle large time consuming projects and the degree becomes your receipt for completing what you have undertaken."

This text is a translation from Swedish.