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Meet Panos, Mats and Jelena - teachers at DSV
Jelena Zdravkovic

Meet Jelena Zdravkovic, professor of computer and systems sciences

“It makes me excited when I succeed at transferring knowledge and, moreover, when the students’ answers, ideas and views become more relevant and innovative than my own.”

I want my teaching to be like an action film, starting with a real bang

Managing and creating systems that will change the world

"My interest in computer systems started with a simple implementation of the Packman game long time ago. After that I came to realize the immense potential of computer science."

Mats Wiklund

Excellent job situation after education

"Stockholm University was active in the sector early on and, in fact, it was our professor Börje Langefors who created the Swedish word for computer: dator."

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Admission round for master's programmes

The admission round is open from October 16, 2020 to January 15, 2021.