The student life involves a lot more than just studies. Except from the activities offered by Stockholm University, our Student Union DISK here in Kista also has its own student life.

The Student Union DISK

DISK is the student union for DSV students at Stockholm University. DISK is organized only by students for students and with students. If getting involved in the student union you will get the chance to know students from other cohorts and educations than your own. You will also get association experience and opportunities to participate in various partnership projects with the business world. Read more about the activities DISK offers below. The business world sector in DISK is hosting “Systemvetardagen” every year in March. It is a yearly career fair, where students can make connections with the business world. Here you can be inspired and get ideas for your thesis, career or even be recruited.

Contact DISK 

Visit: 2th floor, Nod Building
Web: DISK web page

Wednesdays Pub in the Foo bar

Every Wednesday DISK organizes a Pub with food and drinks for a cheap amount. Here you can meet up with both course mates and teachers to play games, dance or just relax.

Sports and activities

The sport sector introduces the members in DISK to various sports, activities and events. For instance they arrange, floor ball every Monday, several LAN parties every semester as well as the popular yearly ski trip to Åre, North of Sweden.

The DISK café

DISK runs its own café with low prices. Here you can buy coffee, cinnamon buns, cookies, drinks, sandwiches and food. There are also microwaves here for those who want to bring their own lunchbox.