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Meet our students

Josephine Ayebare Foto: Niklas Björling

“At Stockholm University I get to meet students from everywhere and nothing beats that experience.”

”I was looking for an internationally recognized university that would give me confidence that I can compete and I haven’t been disappointed. Here I am exposed to research and the teachers push the students to work on their own. This is no place for mediocrity. You have to work hard.”

Sudipta Mallick Photo: Niklas Björling

“I really enjoy my subject and would like to work as a data scientist or within data engineering"

“Sweden is a very good place and I recommend everyone to come here. The education is of a high quality and I love the diversity.”

Viktoria Wallbäck Photo: Niklas Björling and Eva Dahlin

"IT-news today is old history in two weeks"

“Computer and system sciences, that’s a broad subject with great choices. For example, you can specialize in programming or, if you prefer, in developing user-friendly services. Before I started studying computer and systems sciences, I went to the Open House at the university and got more information, something I recommend for everyone.

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Admission round for master's programmes

The admission round is open from October 16, 2020 to January 15, 2021.