The Local ( talked to two international students who explained why there’s no other city in the world where they would rather study. Their advice? Expect the unexpected.



Study at Campus Kista - a modern environment with a central location

Department of Computer and Systems Sciences belongs to Stockholm University and have its premises at Campus Kista, 30 minutes with public transport, from the main Campus Frescati. The newly built academic environment, rethink the use of qualified technology in our educational and work environments and provide a forum for interaction with the surrounding community. At Campus Kista, we have about 5,500 students. Here, people of many different nationalities, with contacts throughout the world, contribute to the creation of a highly international atmosphere.

The University is close to The Kista Mall (Kista galleria) with an access to student accommodations, restaurants, shopping, cinema and public transport. It takes only 15 minutes to get to downtown Stockholm and all its attractions, beautiful surroundings and historical environs.