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Welcome to the education web at DSV!

Here you will find information about our programs and how it is to study at DSV. If you already are a student or just beginning your studies at DSV, you will find information regarding this at the Current student web.

Master's Programmes at DSV

Do you love to learn about current computing environments, concepts of IT management or the security of computer systems?

Mobile hologram

New Master’s programme in creative and immersive technology

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, there is an urgent need for knowledge of all three core aspects of design: technology itself, the individual user and societal implications of introducing new technology.

Students and teacher

High number of applications for DSV’s international master’s programmes

The three most popular master's programmes at Stockholm University are DSV’s programmes in Decision analysis and Data science, Information Security and IT Project Management.

I want my teaching to be like an action film, starting with a real bang

Managing and creating systems that will change the world

"My interest in computer systems started with a simple implementation of the Packman game long time ago. After that I came to realize the immense potential of computer science."

Sudipta Mallick Photo: Niklas Björling

“I really enjoy my subject and would like to work as a data scientist or within data engineering"

“Sweden is a very good place and I recommend everyone to come here. The education is of a high quality and I love the diversity.”

Student looks over Stockholm City Hall

VIDEO: Student life in Sweden: Expectation vs Reality - The Local

The Local ( talked to two international students who explained why there’s no other city in the world where they would rather study. Their advice? Expect the unexpected.

Find us in Kista
Admission round for  Master’s programmes from mid-October to mid-January