Announcement of project funding (Nr 3, final call)

 We are pleased yet again, to announce that there is now a new and final opportunity to apply for project funding regarding ICT in education.
Deadline is October 15
Information on how to apply for project funding can be found HERE
Application form can be found HERE (80 Kb)

If you need assistance in the design of the application, please contact us at

Allocation of project funding (Nr 2)

Decisions regarding the allocation of project funds

Out of 21 applications that were received, the steering committee suggested that 6 would receive funds. The vice-chancellor has decided to allocate funds according to the control group's proposal. See decision by the vice-chancellor here (195 Kb) , as well as subsequent information regarding the steering committes motivation and decision.

The following projects received funding:






Föreslås erhålla

Institutionen för naturgeografi och kvartärbiologi


Andrew Frampton

Utveckling av ett simulerings- och visualiseringsverktyg för flöde- och transportprocesser inom hyrologisk utbildning

200 000

200 00

Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik


Tore West

Öppna Digitala resurser för ungdomsskolan och lärarutbildningen

200 000

200 000

Matematikämnets och naturvetenskapsämnenas didaktik, MND


Margareta Enghag

Multimodalt berättande i naturvetenskap med Wikis

227 000

200 000

Institutionen för språkdidaktik


Una Cunningham

Den digitala språkläraren

200 000

200 000

Institutionen för data- och systemvetenskap


Oliver Popov

SimSecLab(SSL)-A simulated environment for learning security, building trust, fostering privacy and providing openness in e-Society

181 273

181 273

Institutionen för lingvistik


Johanna Mesch

Teckenspråk i ord och rörlig bild

200 000

200 000






1 181 273


Applications for project funding (NR 2)

It has been a total of 21 applications with applicants from all four faculties.
They will now be examined by an external group and an group of internal reviewers.
Decisions on the allocation of project funds will be made at the end of April 2012

Announcement for project funding (NR2)

We are pleased to announce that there is now a new opportunity to apply for project funding regarding ICT in Education.
The application deadline is March 15
 Information on how to apply for project funding can be foundHERE
The application form can be found HERE (80 Kb)
HERE (80 Kb)

If you need support with the application,  you are welcome to contact us at


This two-year project aims to increase and improve ICT-supported teaching within Stockholm University. This will be done through information on new methodologies, workshops that demonstrate techniques and provide learning opportunities, but above all, by the chance for teachers from all departments at Stockholm University to apply for funding for their own projects in the area of ICT-supported learning.

Five million (SEK) is available for these projects and the first announcement of the project is connected with a Kick-Off event in September 2011, when the Future Learn project officially starts.

For more information - see the links on the left and/or contact Uno Fors at DSV,

Project Manager