Our program Research of Arts and Technologies in Society (RATS) addresses design and development of cultural, artistic and entertainment experiences, facilitated through novel technologies. By centering on artistic events rooted within society, the program adds value to broader aspects of local and global culture within Stockholm and beyond the local community. Through ubiquitous computing technologies such as sensors and fiber networks, we develop new artistic events in collaboration with local and global partners for the benefit of both research and the broader population.

One of the core values within the RATS program is local participation, which is based on the notion that there exist a close relation between quality of life, culture, social participation and democracy. The research therefore aims to include participation by society members from the initial design of technology-mediated events, to the fruition of such experiences and their evaluations.

RATS contributes to innovation and critical thinking in artistic and technological development through research conducted within this program. Overall objectives include promoting interdisciplinary education between different institutions and art schools in order to further collaboration between artistic fields and computer science disciplines. Interdisciplinary research is a priority with RATS including researchers from several departments with several backgrounds.