Rebecca Forsberg

An activity on three pillars
Research in Artistic Technologies, RATS is the collective name for various activities in this area. Our activities rest on three pillars: RATS Research & Education, RATS Theatre and CATS (Centre of Artistic Technologies).

“Our activities include not only research and education, but also concrete actions where the results will be used in performances, exhibitions, seminars or courses,” Rebecca emphasizes.

Within RATS we study and develop technologies that offer new experiences to various cultural events. It's about using new technology to broaden artistic expression, find more ways to interact with the audience in order to reach new groups.

“Our vision is also to broaden participation in research, art and social issues by using ICT,” explains Rebecca Forsberg, coordinator of the initiative.
The aim is also to promote education across borders and cooperation with other institutions in order to raise awareness of ICT in arts education, the cultural institutions and the community.

“We are working doing interdisciplinary research across different fields to illuminate, deepen and trigger development around technological and artistic representation,” says Rebecca.


RATS Theatre
Kista Theatre has now been renamed RATS Theatre to show affinity with other activities within the RATS. RATS Theatre offers drama in new ways and on new platforms where participation from the audience has a high priority. The theatre has, among other things, given an acclaimed series of drams Women in Science, which portrays female pioneers in science. The third part - Maryam - will premiere on May 7, at the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

“Maryam is a drama on your mobile phone with an app with voices and instructions. The trip begins and ends at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. In the drama there will be possibilities to share ideas and learn from others' thoughts on the drama,” Rebecca Forsberg explains.

The entire trilogy Women in science have new premiere at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in the autumn followed by a conversation about women, technology and research.


Rats Teater