DSV project leader: Henrik Hansson

Project manager: Thashmee Karunaratne

Project advisor: Love Ekenberg


Project team at DSV:
Supervision and training of PhD students

Matti Tedre 

Henrik Hansson

Uno Fors

Thashmee Karunaratne


Project period: July 2013-June 2018 

Funding: Sida SEK 7 808 000, of which DSV SEK 4 765 000
The programme is for five years.


The project is a continuation of the collaboration in education between the (former) National University of Rwanda (NUR) and Linköping University (LiU) which started in 2003 and was managed by The NUR’s Centre for Instructional Technology (CIT).

The CIT/NUR and DSV will collaborate in the field of ICT for Education in the framework of a new agreement. The aim of the proposed collaboration is to explore how instructional technology can be utilized to support research education and research in Rwanda through the partnership with Swedish universities. Through training in sandwich mode of two PhD students and three instructional technicians, individual and institutional capacity in the field of instructional technology at the NUR will be built; Educational technology solutions to support research in all NUR PhD programs will be developed and high quality digital resources for PhD training will be produced and efficiently delivered.

Through this collaboration, technology based systems or tools to facilitate the implementation of joint (between NUR and Swedish Institutions) postgraduate education, research projects and dissemination will be built; policies to support the efficient integration of ICT in education will be established, Research capacity in the field of ICT for education will be strengthened and research projects in ICT for education will be conducted, disseminated for use by different beneficiaries in Rwanda. The collaboration will also strengthen the capacity of NUR technicians who will ensure the sustainability of the systems and tools built.