Associate Professor Henrik Hansson is the project leader for all the separate studies within the PhD project, and he is very happy with the partnership with UNISA, which notes Nelson Mandela as its most prominent alumni.

“UNISA is Africa's leading open distance learning institution. We were approached by researchers from UNISA who wanted to participate in our study,” Henrik Hansson explains.

The project aims to study present PhD studies systems in the different countries and to determine how the ICT can support the processes and requirements for a PhD student.  The investigations will identify any limitations in the study process that that make it more difficult for students to obtain their PhD degrees. This means determining the necessary IT support at various levels in the thesis process. The study involves Sweden, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Rwanda. The countries were selected based on their approachability, and because they are geographically small and at different levels of development. They also all place a big emphasis on education.

”This project is very useful for us at DSV. It will give us insights into our present IT support system, SciPro, and thus suggestions for improvements,” Henrik Hansson stresses. “It will also create new international possibilities.”

University of South Africa

Professor Liza Ceciel van Jaarsveldt, UNISA wants to look at how technology can assist Master and Doctoral students at the University of South Africa.  She knows the big need to get Master and Doctoral students to complete their studies and hopes that using technology – such as for example SciPro - can help UNISA to get a more structured system in place.  The system can help to link supervisors and students a problematic area for UNISA because of the large number of students and limited capacity to supervise them.

“I am very happy and extremely excited about the research that I am doing with Prof Hansson, and I think the research we are doing will not only benefit the University of South Africa, our students and our supervisors, but also Prof Hansson.  We might identify a technology need or a Master and Doctoral supervision need that was not thought of previously, but that can assist our students greatly,” Liza C. van Jaarsveldt concludes.  


University of South Africa, UNISA
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The project – IT support for Master’s and PhDs students
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