DSV project leader: Sirkku Männikkö Barbutiu, sirkku@dsv.su.se
External partners: Dr. Doreen Rorrison, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Prof. Paul Hennissen, Zuyd University, the Netherlands
Project period: 2013-

Short description

An international research collaboration between teacher educations in Sweden, Australia, the Netherlands.

This project builds on previous projects aimed at understanding the development of professional practice knowledge during the practicum in teacher education. Previous empirical studies in several countries uncover a range of models and frameworks that are employed to prepare teachers. Phenomena that emerge in these studies as critical include ‘communicative spaces’, ‘empowering relationships’ and ‘memorable/purposeful encounters’.

Research questions in this project are:

  • How can the communicative spaces be transformed to enhance the learning of professional practice?
  • What can the role of ICT be in this transformation?

Data collection of mentoring dialogues and assessment dialogues has commenced in Sweden and in the Netherlands.