Project leader DSV: Henrik Hansson

Project team DSV / Stockholm University:
Nam Aghaee (DSV PhD student study)
William Jobe (DSV PhD student study)
Thashmee Karunaratne (Rwanda and Sri Lanka studies)
Ranil Peiris (Sri Lanka study)
Khalid Bencherifa (Stockholm University in general)
Liza van Jaarsveldt, UNISA (South African study)

University of South Africa, UNISA

In this study we intend to compare PhD programs in four countries namely, Sweden, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Rwanda.

The aim of this study is to get a better understanding of the role of a PhD in the different countries, determine how the IT support can support for the structure, processes and the different requirements for a PhD sudent.  Such an investigation will identify any limitations in the study process that result in difficulties for students to obtain a PhD, thereby to determine how can the IT support be provided during this process in various levels from access of general and specific information to guidance of ones own thesis process.

At present questionnaires are sent to acquire relevant information from
• Head of University
• Deputy Head of University
• Director(s) of studies
• Head(s) of department etc,
PhD students
• Currently conducting PhD studies
• Alumni (finished their PhD studies)
• Potential PhD students (interested in PhD studies)

Based on this questionnaire we intend to rectify any loopholes in the process that hinder the completion of PhD studies of students, knowing the similarities and differences of PhD studies in different countries, which way can we support boosting the process of obtaining a PhD (in terms of IT solutions) and any other interesting questions emerge from the feedback from the recipients of the questionnaire.

The Sri Lanka study