Project leader

Uno Fors

External partners

Karolinska Institutet: Solvig Ekblad, Ioannis Panziarias
Harvard: Richard Mollica

Project period





We have in collaboration with Harvard Program for Refugee Trauma (HPRT) developed a prototype version of a virtual refugee trauma simulation. In this version, the user can freely interact with a virtual patient (VP) and receive a detailed summative feedback regarding actions taken, their appropriateness and the quality of handling the case.


The Refugee Trauma prototype has been tested during a number of pilot studies in Sweden and in the US with promising results.

The system was experienced as an engaging and challenging educational activity that significantly contributed to the participants’ increased confidence in solving clinical problems with emotionally distressed patients. The Refugee Trauma system was also highly perceived as a potential reliable assessment tool that could be enhanced by the implementation of a Virtual Advisor, and the use of feedback from the VP’s own perspective.

The project is financed by KI and DSV internal funds as well as on funds given from Harvard and the Italian ISS organization.