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Financing: The project is financed via a number of different grants from i.a. WGLN, SweLL and other sources incl. DSV internal funds.

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Web-SP is a generic, web-based, interactive, student-activating virtual patient simulation system, with a built-in authoring tool allowing any teacher to develop cases with ease. Web-SP was initially developed at Karolinska Institutet (where some of us worked at before), but is now continued at DSV.

Computer based patient case simulation systems have during the recent years been introduced in medical education to allow students to "meet" more cases that are educationally optimized and adapted to the actual learning situation. The Web-SP project targets to solve common problems with traditional VCs like high case development costs, need of professional programmers to develop cases and the difficulty for teachers/clinicians to develop and edit cases tehmselves; but still allow very realistic and highly-interactive simulations of clinical cases, delivered and edited via the Web. Web-SP is based on experience from a number of national and international visualization and simulation projects.

Web-SP includes most of the important case simulation features, including: - interactive history taking, complete physical examination (inspection, auscultation, palpation, percussion, vitals, neurological exams etc.), complete lab section including chemical labs, X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, CT, phys lab, pharmacology lab, pathology lab etc.), diagnosis and differentials, therapy, interactive feedback, integrated references and online database sources. Web-SP is implemented at numerous national and international universities and organizations and exists in English, Swedish, German and Spanish. Other language versions can easily be developed. 

It should also be noted that the Web-SP system can be used to develop other educational cases in for example teacher education, law education and/or business education. Please contact us for further info re. this possibility. We have many examples of such implementations.




This project is now in transition to the new Virtual Case Editor (VCE) project Virtual Case Editor – VCE


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