"A great initiative, many of these techniques are easy to achieve and have a big effect on making our games playable by more people" - Strengths Game

"I think this web page on making games more accessible is awesome" - Paul Barnett, Senior Creative Director, EA Bioware

"It appears to be written by folks with brains, and is not so limiting. At first I was hesitant to take to the idea, but after reading the basic guidelines these principles seem to just convey general good practice design rather than specifically giving impaired players a good time" - Lafolie

"I fully support this and mainly due to myself and friends being disabled. I myself is fully paralyzed from the neck down so as you can imagine comptroller's are no use for me but I do have an adapted controller for the Xbox 360 and boy do I kick ass still." - M3RCH4N3RY

"This is absolutely fantastic. I have a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, which weakens my muscles, and I have to game one-handed. I like to think I do pretty well as is, but there are definitely games that I just can't play because it uses controls that don't work for me. This might change that for the future." - ChrisC2C

"Please implement this. It's a minor disability but I'm colorblind, games like Battlefield and Call of Duty have added an option to help people with color blindness by switching the default colors with something else." - BanzBoy

"this is very good news. evrybody has a right to be a gamer." - The Illusive Man

"I'm glad that these issues are getting worked on. I find games amazing and I hope that, soon, people who weren't previously able to enjoy them can." - g3toMaster

"The guidelines proposed here are comprehensive, smart, and well-written. A game that implements these guidelines would benefit the disabled gamer by allowing them to enjoy the game without being held back by virtual and technical hurdles related to their disablement. This document is truly inspiring." - Metalsphere

"I’m all over this. At the very least, time and time again I’ve seen games make amateurish, unnecessary decisions in color usage that outright prevented me from playing the game due to my colorblindness (protanopia). The reading speed accomodations are also very important – I have a good friend who can’t play many games because she has a very slow reading speed, and the windows time out before she can finish." - Aerothorn

"I really like this concept. As a Gamer who suffers from Chronic Arthritis and Gout I really like this and support its use by developers." - Matoq007

"From a cold, business perspective, it means a bigger market but from a more human perspective, it means more people will get to enjoy gaming and all its wonders." - Masterdex

"I am pleased to see that they advocate providing more options rather than shoving the lowest common denominator down everyone’s throats." - Faxmachinen

"I have a weird collection of disabilities, but they mostly don’t affect my gaming (besides QTEs and music puzzles). I’ve found that many of the items on this list not only help me enjoy games more, I think they lead to better games." - internetbatman

"Great idea, will be reading up on this and looking to see what makes sense in our games" - Kevin Ng

"gameaccessibilityguidelines.com should be required reading for all game devs, ever. Because we exist, and we want to buy your games." - Silas Humphreys