Annika Waern has left DSV.

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Annika Waern is the new Centre Director of the Mobile Life Centre - and she is obviously satisfied with the new party companies. IKEA's business is no longer just about furniture and furnishings, but will also be about consumer electronics, and ABB is an important actor in the Swedish industry.


- There is so much fun with IKEA - they fit us so great, says Annika. And ABB is an interesting partner for us - just because they are not a consumer oriented company. We have worked with Movinto Fun before, and they bring experience from a company in the start-up phase.

Satisfied partners
Michael Ydholm is responsible for research at IKEA. What is interesting for IKEA is the focus Mobile Life has  on the "good life" – that, which makes us feel good and have fun.

- What interests us is how to integrate technology in the home, explains Mikael Ydholm. And then it is the software, which is interesting for us. We thought the Mobile Life Centre had an interesting approach in what they do.

Dr. Magnus Larsson is Manager of Industrial Software Systems Research, ABB. ABB today is very good at products in terms of functional and efficient technical solutions, but in addition there are other requirements.

- I want to get more knowledge about users and their experiences in what we do, explain Magnus Larsson. We want to focus on user experiences in addition to the technical requirements.

Jin Moen, CEO of the small start-up company Movinto Fun with her playful product Oriboo.

- It will be fun to be involved in developing consumer electronics that is not only "useful" but that gives joy. We must retain the playfulness to create innovations, says Jin Moen.

Other exciting new partners will come. But more about that later.

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