DSV admits postgraduate students for Stockholm University, faculty of social sciences. Post graduate studies at the department are conducted in Computer and Systems Sciences, Information Society and Human-Machine-Interaction. From September 2013, the research subject Human-Machine-Interaction was replaced by the subject Information Society. Postgraduate students follow an established graduate-study programme which is further personalised in an individual study plan.

The degree obtained from our postgraduate programme at DSV is either Doctor of Philosophy or Licentiate of Philosophy.

The research area at DSV is highly interdisciplinary and we co-operate with for example Departments of Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology and Medicine. A result of this interdisciplinary co-operation is the Center for Information Technology and Cognitive Science which was established in September 1992.

All applications and enquiries concerning postgraduate studies at DSV will be dealt with by the Director of Postgraduate Studies, studierektorF@dsv.su.se.

Guide to postgraduate studies at DSV

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