DSV admits postgraduate students within the Faculty of Social Sciences at Stockholm University for two separate PhD programs: 1) Computer and Systems Sciences and 2) Information Society .

The degrees obtained can be either Licentiate of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy at Stockholm University. The degree of Licentiate is usually a milestone for the doctoral degree. 

There are 2(3) principal ways of conducting doctoral studies:

  1. full time studies - a total of 4 years (employed by the Department)
  2. 80% studies with 20% departmental work - a total of 5 years (employed by the Department)
  3. 50% studies + 50% work - a total of 8 years (external employer funding the studies)

Criteria for entry

The criteria for entry to the programs include both general and specific requirements.

The general requirements are:

  • been awarded a university degree at advanced level (usually a 5 year Master degree), or
  • fulfilled the demands of coursework for at least 240 hp credits of which 60 hp credits are on advanced level (usually a 4 year Swedish magister degree, or a 3 year Bachelor and a first year of a Master program), or
  • the equivalent

The specific requirements for Computer and Systems Sciences are:

  • a minimum of 90 hp credits in computer and systems sciences or equivalent, of which a minimum of 15 hp credits must be a thesis/project work
  • Good command of English language, spoken as well as written.

The specific requirements for Information Society are:

  • a minimum of 90 hp credits in subjects relevant for Information Society (prev. HMI), such as computer and systems sciences, humanities, behavioural sciences, medical sciences or communication science including also knowledge about the area’s technical as well as human-oriented scientific requisites. Of these 90 hp credits a minimum of 15 hp credits must be a thesis/project work
  • Good command of English language, spoken as well as written.


Admission to postgraduate studies takes place one to two times per year; in the spring semester deadline is April 15 and in the autumn term with the deadline of 15 October. Applications are to be submitted online via the university's recruiting system ReachMee. Vacant PhD positions are announced one month before the application deadline on the university and department websites. Detailed instructions for application can be found in each announcement.


Submitted applications are assessed, selected and ranked by an admission committee. Study merits of each applicant are considered, as well as their maturity and ability to perform independent research work of good quality. Study merits in terms of courses on advanced level or by individual projects are strongly qualifying. Selection criteria includes: independence in analysis and disposition in previous work; problem formulation and stringency in prior work and in research plan; previously demonstrated ability to keep time frames; methodological and scientific maturity; ability to communicate and collaborate. Based on this assessment, a ranked selection is recommended  by the committee to the head of the department who makes the final decision of admission and  appoints a main supervisor and an associated supervisor for the candidate.

Neither the decision of admission to postgraduate studies or to hire someone as a doctoral student can be appealed.


Investigations of funding possibilities must be made prior to applying for admission, since students admitted to the PhD program will be required to be adequately funded throughout the whole program. 

Two principal alternatives exist:

  • "doktorandtjänst" - PhD position (employed by the department)
  • external funding (employer of the applicant is funding the PhD studies)

Doktorandtjänst, PhD position, may be combined with departmental duties, to maximum of 20% of full time. The student is usually employed for one year at the time, with prolongation to five years, of which time for studies is maximum 4 years. The salary depends on the level of credits achieved.

Departmental duties usually imply work as an assistant in a course, or assisting in demonstrations, laborations, marking exams, etc. Other departmental duties may be, e.g., administrative work. For being able to teach in combination with doktorandtjänst, a pedagogic course for university teachers is required.

External funding requires an agreement between the Department and the applicant's employer, certifying that the applicant will be financed during the PhD-studies and that the employer covers all the costs for the PhD studies and that the applicant will be allowed to devote at least 50% of her/his time for PhD-studies.

N.B. Externally funded candidates are admitted by the Faculty Board (in the Faculty of Social Sciences) after a request submitted by the Department.