The course part of the PhD degree comprises of 75 credit points.

For the licentiate degree you need to complete 45 credit points of courses.


There are four mandatory courses:

1) Research Methodology I, 10 credit points

Course coordinator: Assoc Prof Harko Verhagen,

2) Research Methodology II, 7.5 credit points

Course coordinator: Assoc Prof Harko Verhagen,

3) Academic Writing and Presentation, 7.5 credit points

Course coordinator: Assoc Prof Harko Verhagen,

4) Ethical and Societal Aspects in Research within Computer and Systems Sciences, 5 credit points

Course coordinators: Assoc Prof Gustaf Juell-Skielse, and Assoc Prof Sirkku Männikkö Barbutiu,



For inquiries and registration for these mandatory courses, contact the course coordinator. 


The courses covering the remaining 45 credit points are for each PhD student to decide together with the supervisors on the basis of the specific requirements of the subject (Computer and Systems Sciences; Information Society/Human-Machine-Interaction), student’s needs and the special area of research. Do consult the General Study Plan for your subject to find out the specific requirements.


Kompletteringskurs i data- och systemvetenskap, (SUPCOM), 15 hp

Supplementary course in Computer and Systems Sciences, 15 credit points

Course coordinator: Assoc Prof Shengnan Han,

This is a mandatory course for those doctoral student who do not have any previous studies in computer and systems sciences (students in Information society).


Data Science: theory and practice, 7,5 credit points

Course coordinator: Prof. Panagiotis Papapetrou,

Course start: 2020-01-29

  • Jan 29: Introduction (room M20)
  • Feb 5: Hypothesis testing (room M20)
  • Feb 12: Time Series Mining (room M10)
  • Feb 19: Natural Language Processing  (room M20)
  • Feb 26: Deep Learning  (room M20)
  • Mar 4: Presentations  (room M20)
  • Mar 11: Presentations  (room M10)
  • May 20: Final Project Presentation  (room M20)

Course registration:


Bridging Science and Societal Needs, 4,5 credit points

Course coordinator: Prof. Mats Danielsson,

The course content focuses on innovation processes through design thinking methodology as support for both developmental work and innovation in the surrounding societal and/or scientific environment.

Course start: 24-25 October 2019.

With Following course occasions: 21-22 November; 12-3 December

Examination 9 January 2020

This course is a collaboration between Stockholm University, KTH, KI and Södertörn. Each institution has a quota of 8 participants. 

Registration: - first come, first served!



Courses within the Faculty of Social Sciences that are open to all can be found here:å-forskarnivå/institutionsövergripande-forskarutbildningskurser

Course registration:

PhD students do not register to any courses through the student administration.

They should instead contact the course coordinator and ask for permission to participate in the course. After completing the course they should ask for a certificate, which includes a short description of the course content and the credit points.

The supervisor should then on the basis of the certificate apply for inclusion of the credit points into the PhD studies of the student in question by using the form!/menu/standard/file/Eng_Rapportering%20FoKurser%20.pdf .


Both the certificate and the application are to be sent to PhD administration at for registration in LADOK.