The objectives of the postgraduate program are:

  • to give the student both general and specific knowledge in the area of computer and systems sciences/Information Society and in some related application areas,
  • to train the student in independent research, i.e., to solve theoretic as well as practical problems using scientific methods, and
  • to critically analyse existing research.

The postgraduate studies are aimed as a preparation for independent work, in research and education, both within and outside the university.

The postgraduate program in Computer and Systems Sciences and Information Society as well as the former Human-Machine-Interaction includes 10-15 research areas.

DSV engages in ICT research areas such as Business Process Management and Enterprise Modeling, Digital Games, Health Informatics, Interaction Design, ICT for Development, Data and Text Mining and Service Sciences: All DSV Research Areas

The department is located in NOD building, Borgarfjordsgatan 12, Campus Kista in Stockholm.