Management and administration of the postgraduate programs is conducted by:

  • principal and associated advisors,
  • the director of postgraduate studies,
  • the administrative unit, 
  • the head of the department, and
  • other members of the department's board.

The director of postgraduate studies answers that admission of the students, operation of the program, and graduation of students follow the current rules, and he or she gives service to potential graduate students in general questions.

The administrative unit provides information services to graduate students, registration of their results in LADOK, and administration of dissertations and seminars.

The principal advisor is responsible for processes of planning, follow up and quality assurance involved with the individual graduate student's education once the person has been admitted to the education. Every doctoral student has also an associated advisor. This advisor shares the work of supervision with the principal advisor.

Head of department decides on principal and associated advisor. If a doctoral student wants to change advisor/s, he or she is entitled to this. The doctoral student should then apply by writing to the head of department.