• An Anchor Modeling online editor is avalilable on the Anchor Modeling web-site (browswer supporting HTML5.0 is needed to utilize the full functionality of the editor).

  • A prototye for an open e-service, develolped during the OST-project, can be downloaded from here. This prototype demonstrates the use of an open-sourse business process management systems as a back-end system for the development and deployment of e-services.

  • A CPN model for an Aspect Oriented Service can be downloaded from here. The model was developed in and can be run in CPN tools.

  • An Enterprise Modeling aproach EKD - Enterprise Knowledge Development . A user guide is available here.

  • Evaluation method for e-services, based on process aspects. Link to Springer.

  • A model-driven design method for e-services, based on value models and goal models. Link to journal article.

  • A competence profile for an EM practitioner. External link to SpringerLink, link to SpringerLinnk-2.

  • Analysis of the integration between Enterprise Modeling and Model Driven Development. External link to SpringerLink-1, link to SpringerLink-2 .

  • A model-centric approach for business-IT alignment  linking Business Strategy to IS Requirements (link to SpringerLink)

  • An approach bringing Consumer Preference/Value awareness into IS (link to SpringerLink)

  • Together with a group of colleagues from University of Skövde and IFIP Working Group 8.1 we have initiated the Practice of Enterprise Modeling (PoEM) conference series.  External links to proceedings of PoEM 2008, PoEM 2009, PoEM 2010, PoEM 2011. PoEM 2012 will take pace on November 7-8, 2012 in Rostock, Germany.
  • We have actively contributed to establishing the Business Process Modeling, Development, and Support (BPMDS) conference series, currently in its 13th edition, published by Springer LNBIP. Link to BPMDS 2012.



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