In Swedish: Dataanalys för detektion av läkemedelseffekter (DADEL)

Duration: 2012-2016
Funding: 19 MSEK, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research


The main goal of the project is to develop techniques and tools to support decision making and discovery of drug effects by analyzing patient records, drug registries, case safety reports and chemical compound data in the form of both structured and unstructured (free text) data.

The project will contribute with novel approaches to data mining and clinical text mining and develop a platform for large-scale analysis of massive, heterogeneous and continuously growing data sets.

Project team:

Henrik Boström (project leader), Stockholm University
Hercules Dalianis, Stockholm University
Lars Asker, Stockholm University
Ulf Johansson, University of Borås
Håkan Sundell, University of Borås
Martin Duneld, Stockholm University
Mia Kvist, Stockholm University
Aron Henriksson, Stockholm University
Karl Jansson, University of Borås
Isak Karlsson, Stockholm University
Henrik Linusson, University of Borås
Tuve Löfström, University of Borås
Jing Zhao, Stockholm University

DADEL team







Maria, Henrik L., Håkan, Tuve, Jing, Aron, Lars, Martin, Isak, Karl, Henrik B.
(and Hercules taking the photo)

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