DSV project leader
Tony Lindgren, Senior Researcher and co-supervisor

Participants / project team at DSV
Henrik Boström, main supervisor
Ram Gurung, PhD student

Scania Vehicle Service Information
Linköping University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (ISY) department vehicle

Project period 2012-08 - 2017-10-31
Funding Vinnova and Scania


Streamlining transport of goods and people requires that vehicles can be utilized according to plan and that they do not become stationary on the road, at the risk of consequential accidents and traffic jams. Common for these goals, it is important to know whether a vehicle will pass an operation without failure. You have to know both how the vehicle is doing now and how it will "feel" in the future, we call this vehicle health status. Since the vehicle can assess its health status, decisions may be taken both on whether a vehicle has to go to the shop to avoid getting a breakdown on the road, if a task can be started and what maintenance must be done now and in the future to avoid breakdowns.

The project will investigate how to predict the vehicle's health status by calculating the components remaining life:

  • Using health status to schedule maintenance so that unplanned downtime is minimized
  • Creating a system that optimizes maintenance plans based in part on the health status and customer preferences
  • Creating a system that provides decision support to drivers and fleet planners
  • Creating a system that intuitively conveys information and actions available to operators involved in the operation and maintenance; well as implement a software prototype used in the workshop.

The project aims to develop more knowledge about IVHM (Integreated Vehicle Health Managment) for heavy vehicles with a focus on prognostics and health status. To lead up to this, the project is divided into four work packages.

1. Prognostics methodology package is applied research to develop methods for estimating RULs. In the package works two graduate students and researchers from academia and industry.
Project manager Tony Lindgren, DSV and Erik Frisk, Linköping University.

2. Decision support package is applied research on decision support and planning. In the package works researchers from industry and academia.
Project Manager: Tony Lindgren, DSV.

3. RUL-development package is the development of RULs for some components in heavy vehicles. The package works engineers from industry.
Project Manager: Anna Pernestål, Scania.

4. Prototype package is implementation of a prototype that connects the other work packages. In the package works scientists and engineers from industry.
Project leader: Jonas Biteus, Scania.

IVHM Integreated Vehicle Health Management
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code
RUL Remaining Useful Life