• TEMPOMiner: Temporal Data Mining for Detecting Adverse Events in Healthcare (Swedish Research Council, 2017-2020, 3.4 MSEK)
  • CODA: Predictive Models for Interpretability and Concept Drift Analytics (Vinnova/Scania, 2017-2020, 18.2 MSEK)
  • CoRIL: Analyzing registry data to find ways to improve treatment of heart failure patients (Stockholm County Council, 2017-2019, 9 MSEK)


  • IRIS: Forecasted individual maintenance support based on systematic knowledge of component states in inhomogeneous fleets of vehicles (Vinnova, 2012-2017)
  • DADEL: High-Performance Data Mining for Drug Effect Detection (SSF, 2012-2016, 19 MSEK)