Data science is an interdisciplinary research field that focuses on the development, analysis, and application of methods, techniques, and tools for organizing, analyzing, and extracting knowledge and insights from massive and complex amounts of data, with the ultimate goal of enhancing data-driven decision making. Research in this area may be found under various headings, including knowledge discovery, data mining, machine learning, statistical learning, big data analytics, predictive modeling, or intelligent data analysis.

Data science can facilitate and enable effective and efficient Artificial Intelligence (AI) by providing the necessary methods and tools for exploiting huge amounts of data sources, and by providing machines with algorithms that can function as means for extracting useful insights from data, as well as for self-learning.

The data science group at DSV focuses on

  • core data science research: including the development of methods, techniques and tools within the areas of machine learning, sequential and temporal data mining, interpretable and explainable machine learning, federated learning, reinforcement learning, ensemble learning, and natural language processing.
  • core data science application areas: including learning from electronic health records, integrated vehicle health management, clinical text mining, and virtual reality.

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