IQUAL – Idea Quality Evaluation using Machine Learning

The purpose of this Vinnova funded project is to improve the generation of ideas and the evaluation of their quality by applying machine learning techniques that utilize openly available scientific literature, patent information, and data from social media. The goal is to design and evaluate a machine learning and visualization approach to increase companies' ability to generate and evaluate internal and external ideas, in particular for tasks such as tech scouting, evaluation of startups and ideas generated by through digital innovation contests.

VIPP - Versatile tools for Innovation from Prototype to Product

VIPP is a series of Vinnova funded projects aimed at developing models and methods to organize innovation contests including the processes after the contest in order for the organizer to achieve the intended effects with the contest. The project uses an action research-oriented case study strategy to investigate the barriers that affect the process beyond the contest with the aim to use this knowledge to develop supporting tools for the organizer. The outcome of the project includes the book “Open Digital Innovation”, a course in Digital Innovation Management provided by Dataföreningen Kompetens and a number of scientific publications. Read more at Open Digital Innovation.

Collaboration with Reserach Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

We have a long and successful collaboration with RISE and the research group Digital Innovation. Through this collaboration we combine the academic environment provided by the department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University and the applied research environment at RISE Division ICT. These environments will enable us to both be a part of an energetic research community, and direct contact with the Swedish automotive cluster. This way we have good access to high-quality empirical data, and an academic environment with a long tradition of research in information systems. 

PhD projects

Workneh Yilma Ayele - Open digital innovation. His licentiate thesis “Improving the Utilization of Digital Services” was defended in 2018 and his doctoral thesis is planned to be defended in 2020.

Andreas Paulsson - Incorporating subjective values for sustainability decision making, i.e. the role of intelligent decision support systems.

SAK Mohamed Sapraz - The impacts of digital innovation on e-governance and environmental sustainability.

We are expecting talented and young researchers to join the team and contribute with more knowledge to this research area.