Project period 2004 - 2012

Project leader Harko Verhagen

Researcher Robert Ramberg

Ph.D. student Fatima Jonsson


Project description

In the last decade we have witnessed an emergent social phenomenon across the world, computer games played in public co-located game settings such as game cafés and mass LAN-parties. The games that are played in these settings are usually accessed online or played over a local network area ( LAN) supporting collaboration or competition between individuals. In this project we explore the social phenomena of a game café and mass LAN Party. We are interested to learn about what playing games in game cafés and mass LAN parties is about, what the practices and motives of staying and playing games in a game cafe means for the people involved. We also want to explore how this social phenomena is valued and constructed by the public and how game cafés and LAN parties are constructed, valued, and experienced.