The #metoo movement has made personal, often silenced experiences of sexual harassment and abuse political through quantification and public recognition. The movement has developed globally in closed groups, outside established political movements, and has been publicly discussed in newspapers' leading articles, in talk shows, and in seminars. Trade unions, political parties and authorities have responded with legislative proposals and investigations, and certain individuals have been exposed and in some cases forced to leave their jobs. The intense media attention for #metoo has been described both as a revolution and as a collapse of democratic institutions, and this directs our focus to some interesting research questions regarding changes in norms and practices.

In this 4 years long interdisciplinary research project funded by the Swedish Research Council, we will investigate this locally situated and globally connected movement, with a mix methods approach and from different scientific perspectives: Computer and Systems Sciences, Social Psychology, Gender Studies, and Media and Communication Studies.

For more information contact Karin Hansson  or visit the project's blog