Project leader: Aron Larsson
Researchers: Love Ekenberg, Göran Cars, Karin Hansson, Tobias Fasth, Samuel Bohman
Partners: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Upplands-Väsby Municipality

In public decision making, there is a need for research focussing on means for general stakeholders (such as the general public and NGOs) to provide their views, concerns and opinions. Not only to provide well-informed decision makers but to actually enable for stakeholders to take part in the decision-making process.

Within this context, it is of great interest to investigate techniques and develop tools enabling the enrichment of the content communicated between decision makers, the stakeholders, and the public. Here, the use of multimodal interaction is not only an exciting opportunity but rather a key component. This project will, in the context of public decision making in local and regional governments, study multimodal communication using a variety of techniques and tools for the mediation of preferences, opinions, and expressions. That is, how appropriate a tool and media is to present, to illustrate and recreate expressions, its costs, reliability, and ease of use.

Further, process models for how such enriched content may be encompassed and conceptualised in a process model for public decision making and planning to be used by decision making authorities shall be designed, conforming to well established principles from the area multi-criteria decision analysis. For this purpose we will build further on previous work in public decision analysis.