The "Youth Work in Digital Era" event will make a sensation! Stockholm University welcomes you on the 9th of May from 12pm-16pm to celebrate youth work, in a day filled with discussions, activities based on real-life experiences of youth workers and exchange of knowledge on best practices in digital youth work!




Are you a youth worker or work within the field of youth work (policy, training, etc.)? This event is for you!
This event is part of the Erasmus+ ict4youthwork project which we will present.

Workshops will follow and focus on:

  • how to help youth in their professional career in a changing job market
  • how educators in the field of youth work can use digital tools, for both formal and informal education
  • how youth work can be more inclusive online
  • and other topics you express interest in during the day!

You, as youth workers, will be the protagonists in this event and will co-create knowledge together!
Other presentations will include:

  • An insightful presentation on the Future of Education by Stockholm University
  • A presentation on helping young talent from abroad to navigate the job market by Stockholm University
  • A demo of the project's Toolbox Knowledge Repository for youth workers that you will evaluate

If you are involved in policy issues in youth work or youth policy you are welcome to join us!

The event has a limited capacity (40 people), so please get your FREE ticket asap.

If you would like to present a topic or your organisation's work in the field of youth work contact Any questions welcome.

Lunch, coffee and beverages will be served.
See you there!