In Swedish: Automatiserad översättning av röntgensvar till allmänsvenska -  ett led i demokratiseringen av sjukvården.

Project manager: Maria Kvist
Participants from DSV:  Martin Hassel, Sumithra Velupillai
Participants from Karolinska University Hospital: Anders Sundin, Dept. of Radiology.
Participants from Uppsala University: Lisa Tengstrand, Kelly Smith, Beata Megyesi.
Participants from Centre for easy reading (Centrum för lättläst): Ulla Boman, Maria O’Donnell, Katarina Carlstein Carlsson

Project duration: January  - December 2013
Funding: Vårdalstiftelsens Idéprovning

The goals of the project

•    To investigate the possibility to construct a system that automatically translates Swedish clinical text in medical records into plain Swedish.
•    To examine this problem in a pilotprojekt with radiology reports in our database.
•    To characterize the sublanguage in Swedish radiology reports.
•    To examine readability and comprehension issues for radiology reports.
•    To continue developing SCAN – a Swedish Clinical Abbreviation Normalizer

Reading medical records

In many countries Patient Portals open up for patients to read their own medical records. The records are, however, written in a professional language rich in terminology, abbreviations and jargon, and may therefore not be available to the patient. The long term goal of this project is to construct a translator that can produce a simplified parallel text to the original medical text, thus respecting the needs both for the patients and the professionals.