Research team: Uno Fors and others at DSV, Marianne Kristiansson & Kristina Sygel at the National Board of Forensic Medicine, Sweden
Financing: The project is financed via a number of different grants from i.a. FAS, Vinnova and other sources incl. DSV internal funds.


Project description

A computer-based system, RoD, has previously been developed and pilot tested with Mentally Disordered Offenders to investigate how subjects are reacting and deciding in interactive scenarios where violence might occur.

In this project, we are studying the potential to use RoD for improve diagnosis, risk estimation and rehabilitation of patients within forensic psychiatry. Our results indicate that RoD might assist clinicians in detecting emotional disturbances. The offenders seem to choose actions containing a more severe violence than controls. Our findings indicate that using the RoD system, important characteristics could be detected among the offenders that might not be as clearly visible in traditional risk estimation procedures. Our results also suggest that RoD might be used to detect extreme individuals and thus be helpful for clinicians.


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