Ongoing projects

Improving Prediction Models for Diagnosis and Prognosis of COVID-19 and Sepsis with Natural Language Pocessing of Clinical Text

HB Use - Health Bank de-identification tool and its practical use

Completed projects

VRI-proaktiv - Nya arbetssätt och IT-stöd för att bekämpa vårdrelaterade infektioner

Temporal Data Mining for Detecting Adverse Events in Healthcare

NIASC-Nordic Center of Excellence in Health-Related e-Sciences, funded by Nordforsk, Nordic Council of Ministers.

MINECAN - Data and text mining of cancer symptoms and comorbidities in electronic patient records in the Nordic languages, funded by NIASC-Nordforsk.

KVALPA: Vilka kvalitetsindikatorer i patientjournalens fria text behövs för att kunna mäta kvalitén på vården? Skapandet av en automatisk metod genom maskininlärning. Genom SLL 2018.

"Artificial Intelligence analyses the patient records. Is this possible and can that improve healthcare?” Sabbatical for book project

AVID - Avidentifiering för sekundär användning av patientjournaler (De-identification for secondary use of patient records)

High-Performance Data Mining for Drug Effect Detection (in Swedish: DataAnalys för DEtektion av Läkemedelseffekter, DADEL)

Automated translation of radiology reports into general Swedish – part of the democratization process in health care

De-puzzling Time: Improving information access from Swedish medical records by modeling temporal expressions

Detect-HAI - Detection of Hospital Acquired Infections through language technology analysis of electronic patient records.
(In Swedish: Detektion av vårdrelaterade infektioner genom språkteknologisk analys av elektroniska patientjournaler)

Stockholm EPR Open- Öppna stängda journaler genom aggregerad klinisk information, för bättre hälsa. 
(Releasing aggregated clinical information for Releasing aggregated clinical information for better research and health)

HEXAnord –HEalth teXt Analysis network in the Nordic and Baltic countries

HIPPA-Hospital Intelligence for better patient security
(In Swedish: HIPPA-Hospital Intelligence för bättre patientsäkerhet)

Interlock: Stockholm - San Diego - Inter-Language collaboration in clinical NLP

IMAIL – Intelligent e-mail answering service for eGovernment

Open services in social care

Open Social Cloud Services


VIP-PA, Visualisations of patient centred process and business models in health and social care 

Visualisation of comorbidity networks with Comorbidity-View

KEA-Knowledge Extraction Agent